Snapdragon 850 could power foldable Windows phone – Google Neighbourly – Smartphone Addiction


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  1. You would not freak out if you Lose a many dollars object ? A good smartphone today is expensive and take a lot of time of your life to work and buy it , its the same thing that you say : if you lost 700 dollars you will freak out ? OF COURSE ! Unless its free like many of the youtubers got their phones any person that loses their phones will freak out. that dosent mean this is a problem.

  2. I'm addicted to phone and my PC…..i use phone for chatting and instagram and twitter mostly…but, i use laptop for everything…. i can't live without laptop…. i'm addicted and i am trying not to use laptop and phone always…. hope microsoft will also provide a tool to stop addiction into windows 10

  3. Yes, smartphone addiction is absolutely insane. I have had people walk into me because they are walking and texting, surfing the web/social media, whatever and they dont even respond to walking into me they just keep going like nothing happened. Like a zombie walking around with no aim or goal in the real world…. and I am a pretty big guy so its not like im hard to see….. People are more worried about whats happening on their phone than directly in front of them. It has reached epidemic levels in my opinion…. Texting and driving, text and walking across a busy street while with their children, texting while eating, whatever…. the phone is ALWAYS IN THERE FACE

  4. I definitely have a phone addiction lol I'm always on my phone. As for the foldable windows device, I think that would be cool. Although I've been looking at the new gpd win 2 as a possible new portable windows device. It's more for gaming which I've been using my phone for recently but want to get away from. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this since you can run android os on it.

  5. Microsoft's Andromeda, isn't technically a phone. It's more like a notepad/notebook concept for primary stylus based use with multi-tasking. More like something between a phone, tablet and laptop. It will be able to make calls, and work in that normal consumer fashion, but it's not really going to be pitched as a phone primarily. Which I guess is blurry some might say, but all Windows devices are said to get phone calling capabilities with the windows update that'll be released around the same time, including all the other windows on arm devices carrying snapdragons chipsets (of which there will no doubt be many hybrids, tablets and laptops released at the same time 850 hits)

    The primary point of difference with this device is it's dual screen capability, stylus focus and it's windows core OS – in that, it will be pitched at creatives, people who take a lot of meetings, journalists, perhaps students – people who jot down quick things on the go. Short bursts of productivity sort of thing. Rather than a more strictly consumption style of device like your typical smartphone. Of course it's also more like a PC because it'll no doubt run windows on arm (or rather the windows core version of that), and thus can likely run any application that can run on your PC.

    And Windows Core is more of a hybrid OS, rather than a mobile OS. It's a streamlined next generation version of the desktop operating system, windows itself – that scales to use on different hardware. Windows core for example will be running on the hub 2 when it's released, and there will be a desktop release, codenamed polaris.

    So yeah, people might want to call it a phone, but it's more like a notepad device running a hybrid OS. Not really the same catergory as a smartphone. This is microsoft's MO – they've been working on windows core since windows 10 released. And this windows on ARM, and snapdragon partnership is at least 3 years in the making. They are more like apple now – they create large longer visioned projects in secrecy, over long periods of time in an attempt to leapfrog the competition. Andromeda, as it's codenamed is just a part of that (really it's just preparation for AR and graphene OLED screen tech – like apples AR move on the iPhone, or MSFTs HoloLens, andromeda is more preparatory than a final product – making sure they have the best product when the technology catches up)

  6. Yeah I'd definitely panic about losing my phone too haha. It contains a lot of information and useful daily features (GPS for example), plus how else would I contact people that I can't see in the daily?

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