Spark II Android Phone Overview + Give Away!


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  1. a small tip for those ppl that cant shell out money for better phones. buy Blackberry z10. i mean Android is good but dafuq ppl you can buy z10 for 100€ and it has theese specs: .this phone is so good that you can compare the it to some higher and newer phones. its not made for games but for daily use. it was made in 2013 . the camera is so good that you can compare the pics to actual cameras. for example Nikon L340 . i own booth BBz10 and nikon L340 and when i took a shot of the same stuff it was almost so good as by the camera. friccin 1.5 ghz dual core for 100€. ppl this is the most important thing that i say rn. ANDROID ISNT THE ONLY PHONE SYSTEM AND ITS THE WORST ONE! 2gb ram and 13 gb space. learn ppl

  2. This phone is so cool! I'm glad people are opening up to more not-the-most-popular phones and not just saying "I need an iPhone" or "I need a Samsung." It's nice to see something else. Thanks for the info Matthias!

  3. This is great I'm pretty young but I do a lot and I mean a lot of dance and if i were to communicate with my parents although there is a landline it is pretty much always being used

  4. the reason why i want this phone is because of 3 things! 1: i have this extremely stupid work/go phone and it only has a back camera. 2: i have a Samsung galaxy tab 3 light tablet with NO FRONT CAMERA FOR ME TO TAKE PICS FOR LIKE FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM, so i have to take bathroom selfies ( lol that sounds weird ). 3: My tablet is very laggy and glitchy… also the buttons on my phone are way too small to type with and i cant type anything to be able to text on it, i can only call since my fingers are too big… plus the facebook and instagram AND my camera on my laptop dont work, which im frealing mad about… so yeah thats why i need this phone so im going to download my twitter again now!

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