Synchronize Android Phone User Interface with Other Devices


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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for to give my tablet internet access using my phone's data connection through bluetooth. Love that YouTube works through the browser. Wish Netflix and Hulu did as well, but can't have it all I suppose. I've tried Facebook, YouTube, eBay, and Amazon through the in app browser and they all work just fine. This is an amazing app. Thank you so much for making it available for free!

  2. My quesyion is very simple.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a Lenovo 3 Yoga 10" tablet in my car dashboard, I tether the Note 4 to the tablet, I have no need for video viewing etc…what I want to do is share the dialler on my Note 4 which will sit in my cup holder and have incoming calls show on my dash tablet, same with my phone contacts.
    I've downloaded both apps for phone and tablet but can't get the `screen pn the tablet to display the phone screen….why?

  3. albert do u know how to get like the things on your channel like the video playlists and about butterns u have to go to your pc go on youtube and log into your gmail account and u see the settings icon click that and then the last option press it do not slide it press it

  4. Hi Sir Albert i was unable to start the app i stuck on the part wherein a dialog box will pop up and say "Please start the connection from your tablet" i dont how to make the connections between my phone to my tablet, can i have the tutorial or a link for the procedures on how it will going to work? Thanks

  5. Albert…can I use an older Samsung android device that no longer has cellular service to control and view the camera on my current Samsung Note 4? I am using a tripod and extension to video youth football and need to see and control the camera (video) remotely since it is about ten feet off the ground. Will your app work for this?

  6. It would be great if there was an option to synchro start a video on both devices. As with others I'm trying to find a way of sharing a movie on 2 tablets at the same time for use in a car. Would be a really neat solution if this were possible.

  7. I read other reviews upset at this not being as advertised and didn't understand what they meant. Why do I have to spend 15 minutes downloading a 4 minute video when I'm only supposed to be "sharing" my screen? Is this putting the video ON my tablet? I might as well view it on my phone, at least it won't take 15 mins to play!

    Am I doing something wrong? How are other people "streaming" videos? Mine downloads the entire file before playing…

  8. Magnificent, you solved my Dilemma! – I have an Android Phone with a 60GB SD Card for Storage loaded with a stack of my Favourite Movies (for when I go Camping) & I recently bought a Faulty/Used 10" Tablet with a non-functioning SD Card slot, very little Storage Capacity & no Blue Tooth!. This really works – Now I can stream any Movie I wish (through the WiFi Connection) onto a lovely 10" Screen yeaaahhhhh Superb; And a massive THANK YOU.   

  9. looks like a cool app,but when I go to the google play store to install it on my tablet,it says my device isn't compatible with it. my tablet has kitkat on it

  10. i want to be able to watch my cable tv on my tv monitor, which is normal . Now my computer is hooked up to my tv monitor also and I do use it as my computer monitor as well . I have a separate tv monitor by my recliner that a want to be able to use at the same time my wife is watching tv, I can be using my computer on line. Whats the best way to accomplish this feat.??

  11. Can you send the display of android *apps* to an android tablet? The text display of some android apps, on the smartphone, is very small – it would be nice to see it enlarged on the tablet's display. Thanks.

  12. THis support has been added to the coming 10/22 release. We allow remote control from phone to a tablet which is connected to TV. We support tablet with Bluetooth first. WIFI only tablet is not generally tested and certified.

  13. We have designed ScreenShare to handle multiple tablets from a phone or tablet but the current version only supports one phone and one tablet. This extension of one to many has been requested by some customers and we are working on it. We are more likely to support some form of remote control to let a moderator to lock other tablets to avoid conflict input requests. No firm release schedule yet on 1 to many version.

  14. Will it share from one tablet to many tablets? We have deaf people come to the church and I would like to share my screen with theirs so they know where we are with the hymns, sermons, prayers and Bible readings. It will also put a message to them when to stand or sit. I would like to share "Powerpoint" across a few tablets if possible. Many thanks

  15. Reply to alittlesnag, If your tablet has a HDMI port that support outputting the tablet image to TV, you can share it with a TV at home. You can also share tablet audio port with stereo system at home. We plan to support PC/Laptop at a later date.

  16. You can use either Bluetooth link or WiFi link although WiFi is faster for video and picture transfers. For WiFi usage, you should have AP Router at home so that both the tablet and phone can connect to the router so they can be connected together. It is the same setup as using a Google TV or Apple TV settop box.

  17. I am going on vacation, and I want to run the netflix app on my phone but view the video on my tablet. Can I share my display from one device to another over bluetooth like this using your app?

  18. I'm setting up 5x Cobalt S800 $80 tablets (Android 4.0.4 on Boxchip A10 Cortex A8), $40 T-Amplifiers, 2nd hand speakers & TVs to have complete Audio & Video streaming over WiFi, in my house. I want to control everything from my HTC Desire (Android 2.2.2). ScreenShare looks perfect – and Unique : ) – well done!! but GooglePlay says Screenshare is not compatible with my phone…(ok, I'll upgrade it to Android 2.3), but will screenshare run on my tablet? are there any apks I can sideload please?

  19. Easy to install. Just need to install on both devices with two different APK. After Bluetooth setup, everything just works. No tethering needed to access Internet and read mail on the road.

  20. Best 5 Star. Rock solid and reliable. Super easy to use once the setup is done with Bluetooth. My tablet gets connected through Bluetooth and phone is very useful. Can’t ask for anything more.

  21. Totally helped me. The best app I ever used! You can Sync between devices just so easy. I look forward to more apps in June and July. No more USB cable for me.

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