Tech Tips: Find What’s Eating Space on your Android Phone


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  1. Ty man it worked I was really getting pissed off because of my storage my internal storage weren't even showing these files , but the app is really good . It helped me clean 15 Gigs of space I didn't even knew I had those useless files thx again 👍

  2. seriously it helps!! i just installed this and find out the file that use so much space in my phone, delete the file and now my phone have so much space.. thanks a lot!

  3. I have 4GB of internal space (ik it's very less but whatever) and I can use only 2gb cause the other 2gb is used by system apps wtf! And some system app are like I don't even need them and can't even delete those apps. A so do you have any solution for this which can work?!

  4. mera phone storage 32 main 30 gb use show hota hai.lakin jab main documents,applications,images,audio,videos kay storage ko juma karta hon tu 8gb banta hai.mera baqi phone storage kahan chala gaya hai.solution batana please.

  5. I was thinking why is it taking so much space.. But now i realised that i have downloaded
    Honkai Impact 3 (1.56GB)
    Mobile Legends (1.12GB)
    Hitman: Sniper (754MB)
    Arena of Valor (745MB)
    South Park (543MB)
    World War Heroes (471MB)
    😂😂😂 Now Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (1.19GB) 🤣🤣🤣
    I deleted AoV, South Park, WW Heroes btw

  6. but sir…mere j7 me 16gb ka storage hai…aur usme sirf 1gb bacha hai.aur apps bas 2gb ka hai …but ….jo other files hai 7gb ka hai…jisse mere phone ka storage full hoja raha…so…plzz sir I request u that help me….

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