The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


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  1. I really truly wish that Batman The Dark Knight Rises would have came out and been released on February 20 2008. I also would have loved it if a Batman and Robin movie would have come out sometime in February 2010. And obviously no doubt it that Christian Bale's Batman should have stayed and remained the Batman even in the Batman VS Superman, and of course Justice League.

  2. I honestly thinking watching the Nolan Batman trilogy in the order of Begins, Rises, and then The Dark Knight works best. This way, all the expository dialogue referencing back to The Dark Knight becomes, "a mysterious origin," story as opposed to, "yeah, we already know all this…" We see how broken Bruce Wayne, the young, hopeful man at the end of Begins has become a broken, old man isolated from the world–but we don't know exactly why.

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