The last Windows Phone adopter (2018): A look at the lumia 930 and 920


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  1. tbh all i use is spotify , twitter , camera and alarm … i literally moved from my 920 to an S7 Edge last year out of whim because i wanted to see what all the android fuzz was about (i hadn't used an android phone since Moto Defy in 2012) , that was the worst fucking mistake i made in the cellphone thingy , bought it over 13 months ago and i still miss the camera button , im glad it still has physical buttons down below the screen , but the S7 Edge is a 2016 phone and i know Androids nowadays don't have that.
    The only thing the 930 lacks FOR ME , is Glance Screen and 60fps video recording , but even so…. i can't think of an android phone that thin and pretty, with 5" display , 1080p , AMOLED , Physical buttons below the screen and a fucking CAMERA BUTTON.
    On top of that, my S7 Edge got very laggy shortly after i bought it , and my 920 never lagged under W8.1 (it did lag under W10 though, which is why i eventually downgraded to 8.1 and everything felt right).
    My current S7 Edge is decimated , i think the next phone i buy might just be a 930 imported brand new , i know im gonna be fine without Glance/AlwaysOnDisplay , but god i miss 3 buttons below the screen + camera button on the side.

  2. 1 year old video, 8 months old comments, saying some bad-ass things.
    I want a WP back in my life real bad and am getting a crazy deal (50USD) on icon.
    So, here goes.

    I have a fully functional iPhone as my backup, but I really want to go back to WP. I've had L520 and L640 and they've served me well.

    What I want to ask is how does Lumia icon hold up after all these years?

    FYI; I don't intend to use my phone heavily. In fact, I'd like to use it in a way that it intrudes my life to a minimal. So, the app-gap that so many are screaming about, won't be an issue to me.

    I just need basic functionalities of a phone, like caling, texting, mail, an adequate browser and stuff. Nothing crazy. But I need it to be reliable.

    Oh, and camera. I absolutely need a working camera.

    Considering all that, would you guys recommend buying a used lumia icon?

  3. I have a 950XL i bought last year, and i have to say… fantastic screen, qmqzinf camera, super fast, the best phone i've ever tried.I was always a Lumia guy: for first phone, i wanted a 930, but i ended up on a 630, which has, alao after like four years of use, all-day battery life, butter-smooth interface and still a good camera; then, just for the sake of having those, i took a 610 and 625, both EXCELLENT (i love that the 610, even with its low price at the time,had flash, hardware camera shutter button, and a metal-like board, and also this phone can used also without the battery).Then i passed my 630 to my grandma, which had a Galaxy Ace Style, that had the same price as the 630, and it had no battery life, performance was terrible and it didn't have any form on stabilization on the camera, and it was blown away by the fact that my Lumia was so easy to use, so intuitive and… SO FAST!
    In less words: i've always loved my Lumias, and i love my 950XL

  4. I just bought a Lumia 930 off of eBay yesterday. I was on Windows 7.5 to 10 for 5 years and switched to an Xperia XZ Premium. I've had this phone since November and can't take it anymore. Even Android 8.0 Oreo is a clunky mess.

    I cannot wait to boot my Lumia 930 up.

  5. Mein Problem ist nicht das App Gap, sondern vielmehr die Qualität der Apps. Viele stürzen oft ab oder bieten nicht den vollen Funktionsumfang. Besonders unter Windows 10 mobile. Mit Windows phone 8.1 funktionieren jedenfalls mehr Apps für mich deutlich besser, als unter Windows 10. Ein gutes Beispiel ist "Here Transit". Dieses läuft unter Windows phone 8.1 sehr gut, unter Windows 10 mobile leider gar nicht mehr. Leider wird das Ganze nicht ordentlich von "Karten" ersetzt, denn oft werden mir statt Nahverkehrsstrecken die Fußwege angezeigt. Nee, das muss nicht sein. Inzwischen habe ich ein Nokia 7 Plus und bin damit rundherum zufrieden. Das Lumia 1520 hol ich nur noch heraus, wenn ich mal Lust auf WP habe.

  6. Got a Nokia Lumia 640 XL coming in this week. I’m looking forward to it. I had a regular 640 back in the day when Windows Mobile 10 was new and it was beautiful but not great but not bad. So it’s going to be interesting being back on a windows phone.

  7. It is now 2018 and I still own and use a lumia 950. Its performance is sleek, smooth and very stable. The phone even uses USB type-C and has most of the latest tech such as an iris scanner, continuum support, a removable battery and back cover and is 32GB of storage. Running windows 10 mobile on it, even recognizes things such as zip files and a few programming languages to edit code. Did I mention it has a headphone jack! U can use wireless earbuts if u want but they r not forced. I'd like to c Apple top all these features n 1 phone. Oh yeah and windows 10 mobile recognizes Bluetooth mice; true pc grade performance.

  8. also, yes, it was waaaaay ahead of its time, It records video 2160p., 4K ,and 30 fps. .annnnd.., 5.1 surround Sound audio recording. Dolby Digital Plus!!!!. NO PHONE DOES THAT

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