The most exciting new Android phone is … an Android One?


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  1. Watching this on a Xiaomi MI A1.

    Couldn't ask for a better phone. Absolutely brilliant for it's price range and even above it.
    The only phone that I've used that's better than this is the One plus 5T….. but that is also twice as expensive as this one, so theres that.

  2. Android One was meant for the entry-level, now it moved up to premium mid-range. Google made a new strategy for the entry-level and released Android Go and Android Go apps meant for low-end hardware.

  3. Mi A1 The awesome phone At 15K…….👍👍👍👍
    The main reason i liked it because it gets regular updates with the security patch and software….
    Thanks to Google coz they directly carrying the updates….
    Waiting for Mi A2….
    Impress us xiaomi……

  4. Just witnessed a fight at xiaomi official store here in New Delhi at a posh mall for a phone, xiaomi is gonna get Indian market and their phones have good built quality, oh mi a1 always out of stock here it's selling like hot cakes

  5. I bought one. And it's pretty good. The camera and the audio out put quality is out standing from the other mid-range smartphones. The dedicated amp is awesome. It's like all the hardware and software pretty optimized. It's like xiaomi is giving security update every month I bought it in November and I got November security patch and in December I got another security patch update Wich is December pack. So I don't regret anything after buying this phone all I get is pretty good performance and amazing sound quality via headphone jack. Love the product and waiting for the Oreo update and now the Oreo in beta version.

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