The Most Unique Android Phone? (Smartisan T1)


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  1. I didn't see anything different about this device, I'm sorry.. but it looks exactly like practically every device on the market today, no ingenuity. it'll be cool if someone offered something truly different, something that really stands out and not because it's just massive in size. but something that doesn't like look a iPhone, Samsung, HTC, or a mixture of all of them. smh

  2. I think this fellow was highly paid by this company. Keep saying this is the most unique phone and the T2 model is the best android phone in next video. Please think twice before bullshit.

  3. Why do people always say a phone looks like an iPhone as soon as it has some glass on the back, some showing antenna lines or a pertruding camera lens. It's just a common design choice, not everything looks like an iPhone.

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