The UMI PLUS – Best Budget Android Phone


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  1. yo floss my phone is messed up and I'm on Sprint. what would you recommend that's cheap? I was gonna get the S8+ but decided to wait for Note 8. only need something for a couple of months. do want decent specs tho

  2. Dude, I like your rap!

    Yo, have you any knowledge of the Oukitel K6000? I'm returning it to Amazon, because the camera is shit (especially in low light), in spite of the high MP – 13.0MP (interpolation to 16.0MP) camera with auto focus, double flashlight ,face beauty and "V" gesture taking photo functions;front 5.0 MP (interpolation to 8.0MP) camera, make your selfies more distinctive. I want to buy the UMIDIGI Plus to replace the Oukitel K6000. Would UMIDIGI Plus be a good replacement?

  3. What's up Flossy, big fan from Ireland here. I am looking at the UMI Plus E, 6GB, 64GB. Its the price I'm drawn to, €219 that's about $230. All I need to know is, "Is it a Go". I want the Samsung s7, but its out of my price range. So lets keep it real. Big shout out to Xerxes.

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