This is what a $22,000 Android phone feels like | Engadget


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  1. Too bad there are a ton of other phones out there that will blow this phone to shit specs wise. Not to mention they are under $1,000 too. Some people may have money, but it doesn't make up for their idiocy.

  2. Why are people hating this?People who buy these make that kind of money in minutes or hours. When you can afford it then you can actually tell what will you be doing with the money. Till then appreciate.

  3. which this price this phone must have 10Gb of ram, 60mp camera, Android 10.0(Quaker Oats), Ultra HD display, 100% water proof, drop proof, Titanium Gorilla Glass, Hexadecagonal Core Processor

  4. i didn't know this existed until i came across this phone in my marketing book and read $10k for the Ti so i said hell nah they must've made a mistake so here i am and i am at a loss for words lol

  5. Oh no android!!

    Btw I would have bought it if it had the following few features like Rajnikant series of phone —

    20 Sim cards with 1 TB memory, Mini AK-47, 1000 mega pixel cam, 1 year battery backup, 1 TV, 1 oven, 1 washing machine, 1 fridge, 1 AC, a mini rocket launcher and most importantly if it is introducing 24G wiping away the existing 4G,5G etc.

  6. For 22k this thing better have 12 gigs of RAM, 5G LTE, a 2TB SSD, an 8k display, it better suck my dick, shower me, teleport me wherever I want, and then drop the price some.

  7. nigga, this is my fucking tuition money, would you rather buy like 5 first class round trip tickets to the fucking maldives, 220 5 star prostitutes for an hour, 22 days at disneyworld, 22 iphone 7s and s7 edges or this piece of rich man shit that can only operate on android kitkat then die

  8. ugly as shit
    though it's materials are expensive and premium but look at those ugly design
    Iphone and Samsung does much better design and luxury looks than this piece of garbage

  9. According to the material this phone is a lot great and gives you a premium look. Well just look at it diamonds gold Sapphire I mean just look at hardware! It's awesome but I wouldn't suggest you to buy it unless you are a rich kid.

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