Time Lapse Build: 6-story Windows Phone


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  1. I love Windows Phone 7 but that is not going to make me buy the phone. Try some TV advertisement for once, I am sick of having to explain that my HTC Titan is not simply Windows on a phone. It is much better then that.

  2. @MrStuDWood Personally I believe that Windows Phone has great potential as a mobile phone OS. A lot of people pre-judge windows phone because their opinions of Microsoft overall are generally negative, but when people actually try out Windows Phone, they usually end up loving it more than Android or iOS.

  3. @Silverjda So I should buy a crappy windows phone in order for microsoft not to fire millions and millions of people? you know anyway they are in the order of hundreds of thousands and not millions right?

  4. @EvilxMerlin sad, sad. you're the type of person that hides behind a computer throwing attacks yet if i walked pass you i would bet you wouldn't tell me crap. remember my pic has nothing to do with windows making a pointless 6 story phone. if you're going to be intelligent at least come after me with what i'm talking about.

  5. @TheMajic7 …let them starve I do not care..if you are not "just talking''
    go ahead feed them ,post vids,show us your kind heart …or tell me to learn how to spell
    or insult me…yeah right …feed them…if poor africans are starving…how come they keep making babies?
    or…why not moving to more prosperous land? I did i feed my wife and kids .i am not just starving…is their choice
    let me see you doing something.im not even insulting you,do not be too emotional or sensitive END OF LINE

  6. After watching this, I am not even going to take a look at it at the store. An outrageous, inconsiderate, foolish marketing scheme. They should have paid more to their engineers to make the products actually speak for themselves.

  7. @slipsilversliver actually, Microsoft has donated hundreds of MILLIONS to organizations and charities. And being as this is the real world and not your pipe dream… it is promotions and events like this that generate the revenue that allows corporations, like Microsoft, to exercise benevolence and charity to those in need.

  8. I love how people are complaining how wasteful this is…But they forget that mircosoft is the employer of millions and millions of people and they need to advertise to keep the company alive so they can keep their employees employed. Juxtaposed to the spoiled teens that wanna persecute 3.5 million Americans like some fucking nazi party.

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