Turn Your Old Android Phone/Tablet into the Ultimate Car GPS


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  1. That's way to much work.. Spend the money on a dedicated navigation device. You can find older cheap/used online easy enough.Good work on all that effort, for sure! Took some imagination and hard work, that's always a good thing!

  2. dude there is a problem the fastboot only works on nexus and oneplus one phones. I have only samsung as an android phone. and i am stuck on that step pls help if u have solution

  3. how to fastboot samsung s5? i got stuck into making the device turn on automatically when fed with power through usb. after pressing enter in the android SDK my laptop says "waiting for device"

  4. while typing in sdk tool

    can you please write the code which you entered to check mine,

    and If mine is correct the PC tell me "waiting for any device"……. so what does it mean???? please help

  5. The very important text, you need to enter in the command window to turn on the device whenever the phone is powered through USB, says the following in white added onscreen:
    fastboot oem-off-mode charge 0
    however you typed the following in the command window:
    fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0
    notice the difference:
    fastboot oem-off-mode charge 0
    fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0

    If this is so very important, a bit of consistency might be handy.

  6. Firs of all thank you for this in depth video.
    I have one additional question for you. Would it be possible for automated to start the HUD display function in the sygic navigation automatically?
    So i do not have to fumble with the menus inside sygic.
    Thank you very much for your answer.

  7. I have this same issue that was posted a few days back….any way to get it to automatically power on when power connected apart from fastboot? it would appear fastboot isn't supported on my galaxy s4. Thanks, I've invested a lot of time to find out now I'm dead in the water. Please hurry.

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