UMI Super Unboxing and Review | $200 Budget Smartphone


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the review I haven't seen anyone from the US cover this phone.
    You said you get 3G mostly with Tmobile. I wonder how it will fare on ATT.

    Its not so much the price but the build and aesthetics of this phone. If it actually had a good camera and display I wouldn't mind paying a premium for this phone.

  2. Solid, brother! It's funny seeing it say 3g for you too. I hold all those same personal preferences on the camera, for sure. The thing is rough to handle; but I think the hardest part about it is its lack of 4g bands.

  3. Correct and professional review. Coming from an owner of UMi Super.

    Some comments:
    -Camera SW quality can be "improved" by replacing it with a 3rd party, e.g. Z Camera. No more slow reactions and laggy camera refresh.
    -Its GPS module is weaker than of my previously used Nokia Lumia 925. I am not sure if it is the Android SW, or the HW itself, but it takes time and needs clearance to get reliable information and orientation.
    -Though the holes would suggest on the bottom of the phone that it has two (stereo) speakers, actually not. The left side is most probably for the microphone, but sound only comes from the right side. It is clear, but the volume could be stronger, even after using sound enhancements. If you turn off music optimization, then it gets better for calls.

    Other than these, I am very satisfied with this phone. I really like the Harlequin home screen button, that it's pulsation can be set up for various events and colors (e.g. different color for text message or call).
    I am using it for business use mainly, and can deal with most of the use cases without any issue. Webex meetings, Jabber chats, Nine exchange client, Bluetooth connections and control, smooth, no lagging screen or application changes.

    …and this phone is beautiful, pure sexiness.

  4. i have it for like a week, your right with the camera, battery life, but the cpu is really good, it'
    fast and smooth, it's a great option for people who don't need much of the camera 🙂

  5. Great honest review there. Good on you for not selling out just because banggood sent you the phone. Would you spend the extra money and get a Oneplus 3 over this?

  6. Just saying if you don't Know about technology why do you have a channel talking about phones you said it's 3g in America but isn't fast to download when most 4g phones out are 32bit an the umi super has a 64bit an a octa core when most U.S. phones are quad core get ur shit right cause I have this phone an many others an this phone is as fast if not faster then 4g but you wouldn't KNOW that cause you don't Know technology dumbass

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