Unlock the Hidden FM Tuner in Your Android Phone (CNET How To)


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  1. And when CNET will learn to deliver content in proper way!!! Why so many text? If I wanted to read, I would read that on any website would not watch your silly video. Look at your views and look at view of guys like MKBHD.

  2. This is not fake or an ad as people are saying. Nextradio is a ligit app that will work with your phone! I have the Galaxy s8 Plus. Usually Samsung is known for not putting fm turners on their phones; however; when I installed this app I discovered that the s8 does support built in fm radio. I have used this app before with my previous phone, LG G4, which advertised to support fm turner, but didn't come with LG radio pre-installed. I used Nextradio for awhile until I came across the LG radio apk in XDA forum. Just try the app for yourself before dismissing it!

  3. Jesus, people are stupid. This isn't an ad, and in the US most phones don't come with a way to access the FM receiver, so using a third party app is necessary.

  4. Like many before me have said, this is an advertisement. It's not some super secret. It's an app. Each video that doesn't have Brian shows that he is the only reason to stay subscribed. I marked it

  5. how is a visually impaired or blind person supposed to read a video with absolutely Voice or description of any kind and then you don't even leave a link any kind of article see what you are doing nice

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