Use Android Device Manager to remotely lock and wipe your Android


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  1. I lost my password and i had my gmail signed in to my phone so i went on my pc and looked up for a guide.The guide said said to click lock (on the Android Device Manager
    on your pc) and choose the password i did that and then it said wait 5 minutes for the password,PIN,Pattern to be replaced with the selected password i waited 4 days. Nothing happened i still have my pattern that i forgot and i cant do anything please help me!

  2. I forgot my password on my HTC handset. i trying to do above method but it showing me " Since google ha verified that a screen lock in already set, the password you entered won't be needed. " now how can i unlock my handset without loosing my data.

  3. what if the only option I have is ring or lock and erase(combined)? I found my phone on google device manager.
    Does that mean I only have option to erase not just unlock.

  4. I have set the password through android device manager the way it is shown in this video but when i try to to enter this password it tells it is a wrong password,please help me!!

  5. Hi Everyone.
    I have 4 mobile phone which bought for myself and my mother and sister. Last night by mistake I press the Enable lock & Erase. Its belong to either my mum or sister. But i have full access to my Android manager as well as find my mobile Samsung account. How can I undo this mistake or cancel this request?

    I am really worrying because I bought these phone as a gift for them and dont want they wake up with wiped up phone? Please advice

  6. I like to mess with people that fuck with me by giving someone a fake gmail account with a username and password. Then if they sign into the fake account with an android device, I open android device manager and then I erase their phone.

  7. Hi can I do this my situation is dumb.

    I couldn't remember my unlock password the phone erased everything and then asked me to sign into one of my google accounts on the device.

    I quickly made one and didn't wright down the details. instead of carrying this account over when I got it last week.

    I'm pretty sure location was turned on when I locked it.

    but I don't have any android tools installed or anything.

    please say it's ok and my laptop will still know it.

    It's so dumb I'm angry as hell. The phone s7 has my finger print why not ask for that. Well it did before it erased everything.

    Right now I don't know the name or password to the Gmail account I made for the phone. like this account it's a fake name.

    I don't like giving details out to anybody. As if I would if as I will.

    Shame I didn't think of people thinking I'm muslim for two years Bcos of this acc name. Hence changing it.

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