Using AmpliTube UA – Your guitar tone on your Android phone


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  1. i got the app and i really want to use it, and i know it requires irig, but 2 questions, 1 how do i connect the irig to the amplifire, headephone, or guitar, 2 dose it works with any irig cables or only the irig UA?

  2. 1) I'm thinking about buying this but I heard there isn't a recorder. Can I just use the recorder on phone simultaneously with this app? Or is there any recorder apps that anybody could recommend?

    2) If I download this on my phone, could I also use it on my PC or other devices? like with my settings and everything saved on it

  3. I am looking to buy this but one question exists. Is it possible to have the full range of amp tuning on a mobile phone that exists on the apple tablet devices?
    So far I've only been able to see 3 options on the amplifier GUI.

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