Using an Android phone as your home computer


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  1. mi phone doesn't support MHL, how can i bypass this issue
    please someone help. i whant to conect my zuk z2 to a bigger screen to use as a laptop and i can't relly on wi-fi to do so, so i need some cable solution

  2. This was useful to me, as I've been considering buying a pc or a tablet on as low a budget as I can. What's awesome is I'm due a new phone this month. Score.

    I only really need to browse ebay/facebook shop/Gumtree and email for a small part time reselling business. I'm sure a phone hooked up to a modern TV acting as a PC could handle that.

    Do you think I could write and publish a book on Amazon this way?

    Many thanks.

  3. Android O has secondary display features in its code, right? I feel like that should be mentioned here. Once again Samsung doing it’s own property thing JUST before it’s officially released on Android (KNOX, Fingerprint Scanning, Multi-window, etc).

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