Using My First Android Phone in 2017


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  1. Huawei Fusion 2 U8665 released in 2012, got it in 2013 from ATT as a prepaid
    Used Android 2.3
    512MB of RAM 4GB onboard storage and a max 32gb sd card slot
    No front facing camera and hardly any apps will work
    I was a pizza delivery driver back then and I used it for call, text ,GPS, and podcasts, it was a great phone for me at the time but now. I never be able to deal with the lag, almost no apps, and can't get all my media on it either, yet I still use my note 4 in 2017.

  2. My first was a Galaxy S2.

    Back in 2012, it blew my mind that I could use the full internet ANYWHERE, and it changed my life forever.

    Up until 2016, I was still using the S2 as a second camera whenever I traveled. It is still definitely usable today, supports many apps and 3D games, and isn't too laggy.

  3. My first smartphone was a Galaxy W, I actually rooted it to kitkat and for a year and a half i was able to use it however it would constantly overheat and the battery life was ridiculously slow

  4. My very first android phone was the T-Mobile G1. A great phone but full of glitches. Early android annoyances. The My Touch 3G Slide was my second Android and was the most reliable. It lasted me well into 2011. The cheap plastic frame around the screen started to crack on its own and eventually fell off, and the paltry memory became a problem even with the SD cards. Accidentally running it over with my car ended my use of it and on to other androids after that.

  5. My first Android phone was the Samsung Galaxy Note II that my mom gave me when my Nexus 7 broke. I used that phone for three years until I upgraded to the Galaxy Note 4 and the Google Pixel.

  6. my first Android Phone was Motorola Atrix 2! It was a fantastic phone with amazing speed for it's time. The Motorola assistant was blazing fast and literally beat everything on the market back at that time. Check out a few face off videos on YouTube with Atrix 2 facing off against other phones….very impressive!

  7. I bought an HTC Wildfire. (first one not the revamped S version) Sluggish as hell and I could probably get by with rooting it and running android 4 or 5 on it but for me I also need my phone to work for school and work. Would not be able to go back.

  8. Android Authority sorry to bother you, but i have one question
    is the "s4 mini" headphones audio acceptable ? i listen to music a lot, and i have to choose between a "xperia z2" and a samsung "s4mini"
    i sincerely like the samsung more, but is it good enough to play music in my headphones?

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