Using Windows 10 Mobile in 2018! — Experiments Ep. 2


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  1. Windows 10 mobile was such a good phone, my friend had a low end Microsoft phone which costed around 70$ and I had the android phone around the same price and we started them up his phone booted up in 10 seconds while my shitdroid took minute and a half. I didn't make much apps or memory taken either.
    and there was an entire gigabyte of bloatware as well.
    I had planned my next phone to be Microsoft phone but they sadly stopped being supported 🙁

  2. I love it.. I owned the 640XL and the 950XL.. to be fair is better than Android, is more simple to use, but worse than iOS… However I had to drop the towel and got myself a P20.. Huawei.. I crashed my car so .. I must first get a new car and then I will go and get the iPhone since is already on second generation… and is reliable. I also own other Apple products and they fit well together..

  3. Windows phone was interesting but I can't understand why microsoft quit that project.
    Then we have ubuntu that tried the same experiment and they stopped supporting mobile too.

    Android is nice but still I feel I would like to try something different. Then ios is too restrictive.

  4. HP Elite X3 is my daily driver. I also have the Android Alcatel Idol 4s for my backup. It basically just stays in my messenger bag for scanning e-tickets at the airport and activating my room key at Hiltons. That is it's only function in life. my Win10 mobile phone still works great for my business lifestyle.

  5. i'm still using a 640 and I'm quite happy with it. You can tell the brand is dying because I couldn't get a new protective cover for it anywhere, and had to resort to a pink gay looking chinese rip-off. But hey, it fits.

  6. I agree that Win8.1 is bullshit. But W10M is AWESOME OS with awesome UI and it's pretty stable and fast. No lags like stupid Android! I'm sad that companies won't develop their apps for Windows Mobile 10 and that's the reason this OS is dead. I'm writing this from my Lumia and I'm so happy to use a Windows phone. In many situations Android sucks a much. iPhone is trademark price sucker, not anything special. Windows Mobile is the best OS and omg develop apps for it guys!!!

  7. One thing that really bugged me about windows mobile was that why not have the notification centre on the left of the home screen and pretty much for every screen. On the right you have your app list on centre the home screen and swipe left for all the toggles and notification

  8. still i'm using lumia 730 as my primary phone and planning to buy a new nokia android. Still i love windows phone OS coz the tile concept is futuristic and completely different from any other OS. I will really miss this OS. so sad.

  9. I switched from Android to Lumia 950 2 years ago. I hated the slowness of my previous phone. Also I am a developer and a I love the universality of UWP apps. Sometimes my friends play some games and I am sitting next to them, sadly staring into Windows Store when I cant found that game here. Yea, sometimes I feel like I should switch to Android right now, but otherwise, I am happy that I am special in something.

  10. Writing this comment from my Lumia 1520. Changed a battery recently, now the phone work like a charm. It's my fifth Windows Phone since 2015 (2 of them were stolen, that's Russia with its high level of criminal), i started with Lumia 735 out of curiosity and was unable to stop using W10M since then. Now i want to hack my 1520 in order to switch on Creators Fall update circle and i'll be happy till the end of 2019 at least.In case there will be no Surphace Phone in 2019 i'll be forced to continue using this "dead" system .

  11. I've used various versions of android phones, some ios also and I'm currently using Lumia 930. From my experience, Windows 10 Mobile is the best phone system ever made. iOs is trying to keep the pace and android is the least stable system (sluggish AF and full of bloatware), but has the best app store. Windows lost the battle because their app store is, let's say, weak. But when you look at the phone's performance, you need to have twice better hardware on Android than WP to have the same performance. You are mentioning how the biggest shortcomings of W10M are the same look and buggy notifications. Well, first one is just "make-up", and as of the second, I had Lumia 650 (4core 1,3 GHz and 1GB ram) and now I see that's mostly weak hardware for those apps you are using. With Lumia 930 (4core 2,2GHz and 2GB ram) something like that doesn't happen. But if you take a little time with WP Internals and increase the amount of virtual memory (default 256MB, I recommend 1GB) the phone becomes little snappier, and most of the problems solved. So, can wait for the next system update as long as it takes, just need an updated app store.

  12. Try looking for Microsoft Launcher in the Google Play Store it is as close to a Windows OS on a Android Phone. Also it can send anything from your Android Phone to your Computer / Laptop that has Windows if you have a Windows account with one push of a button.

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