Using Windows Phone in 2018 – Nokia Lumia 635 REVIEW!


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  1. Just got a second hand Nokia Lumia 635 as a backup, its battery life is the main attraction as my main smartphone's battery life is terrible. I like how it's easy to change batteries as well, so I can get a second battery and change it when the first one runs out of battery.

  2. Still using my Lumia 635 which my version I was able to go from 8.1 to windows 10. I still get updates on it whereas when on 8.1 it stopped updating my phone. My wife as got a Lumia 635 but her software version is different to mine and am unable to get windows 10 for her. Cant seem to let go of this phone as it also syncs with my windows 8.1 computer which I never converted to windows 10. Still fast enough for me. Downside is just lack of app choices otherwise cant fault it.

  3. I've always liked the Windows Phone interface. Unfortunately because of Microsoft's lack of interest in supporting their mobile platform, it's faded to the background these days. However, that being said. That slick interface to me is way more interesting than the same old boring row of icons that everyone's used to. Because of the app gap I never made the leap over to a Windows Phone but I have my Samsung S7 set up with Squarehome 2 Launcher. Looks and acts very close to Windows Phone 10. I downloaded Edge, Office and Cortana. For all intents and purposes I have a very convincing Windows 10 Phone. Glad to hear there are still people out there that still use their Windows phones. If only Microsoft had been a little more patient before pulling the plug, I'm sure there would have been much more.

  4. i'm still using lumia 930 i've brought it last year , i love the camera and battery and a lot of things that i won't find in other phones , which also if even find better found are so expansive 🙂

  5. I use my 630 everyday the camera is fine also for photos you can get a very close focus and did not let me down ever I even use it as a car dash cam ,and here in Brazil it came with dual SIM and DTV with no need to use the internet or wi-fi to watch open tv channels the only downside is that microsoft don't let us use skype anymore and some other apps , but I really don't know why it didn't caught on because no matter what it still by far the best smart phone OS by far … ok probably other OS users will say the different but look how many windows phone users had any virus in the phone ? or been hacked? come on !! the offline gps is great and even though the microsoft health stopped working there are still apps to see how fast you are going or how far if you are on a bike or running , the maps works fine the here drive is perfect still , I'm talking about the 8.1 not the 10 because i tested and probably due to my low 512 ram had issues , but come on the price was low like 10 to 20 times less than an iphone and so on , again my only complain is that microsoft is forcing us to stop using the old phone , probably because they will launch new ones .

  6. Man I MISS THESE PHONES. I was a for hard windows phone user, was sooooo sad when they stopped making them. Long story short, today I decided what's stopping me from still using one? Started looking into buying one and F YES I'm going back. Really, loved the windows phone. So pretty and simple and solid. Did what I want a phone to do EXCEPTIONALLY WELL and far better than iphobe/android (which come on are VERY similar experiences…bunch of icons on screens you swipe to move through, a cluttered mess where taking a call, writing an email, texting, and browsing the internet are not straightforward). Sure, apps are great. That's what a great tablet is for!!!! Calls, texts, emails, taking photos/videos, and browsing – NOBODY DOES IT BETTER OR MORE BEAUTOFULLY THAN A WINDOWS PHONE.

    I'm going back.

  7. I'm still rocking a Lumia 1320.Had it since 2015. Battery life is great and I love the big screen. Only drawback is that sometimes big websites will crash after a while coz of only 1gb ram. Other than that I'm happy with it! ^^

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