What NOT to do with your new Android Device!


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  1. 2 comments. The 'I'm your huckleberry' sounds uncool dude (being nice). I'd suggest losing it. Second I believe your supposed to announce your advertisers at the start of the video. Have a awesome day!

  2. some of the things he said is totally BS..Most of the top brands push their non removable bloatware.. So what can the poor consumers do? remove them at a risk.. and lose the warranty..
    Next I need the e hailing taxi app.. and it need to access my pic gallery folder..this app is the best.. I can't install it without giving it full permission.. yes I agree it did abuse its rights ..damn..

  3. what can you do if these apps are bullies..? and if they're amongst the best in their respective categories..
    BTW after certain problems with Google Play I can't install automatically my app after updating/new install them unless I use a Clear/free Memory app.. (so what u say is not totally true..) else I'll be waiting forever.. It didn't happen when my phone is brand new.. I'm using the old Android 4.2 .. Any body wants to solve this mystery?

  4. wtf are you talking about??? don't use tasker??? do you even know what tasker is?? task management you think? very dissapointed, android authority… doy com buuble yourself, maybe that will be good

  5. I've had more Android phones than Apple and I have to unfortunately say, every Android phone I've had gave me problems. All had charging issues. I use my phone day to day, and only for social media and entertainment. My Apple gave me no problems to my surprise. After my current Android phone is finished, I will never go back.

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