What’s On My Android Phone “2015”


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  1. Hey Flossy Carter I found an app for Android where you can can get any paid app on the Google PlayStore for free. All you have to do is go to google, type in Aptoid, go to the website and do you your thing. Also there's a link on the website so that you can download the app.

  2. I definitely love this video I downloaded a lot of apps on the video :
    C Notice
    Floating Toolbox
    Call recorder ACR
    Beautiful Widgets
    I was going to get WakeVoice but Timely is my favorite Alarm App

  3. yooo u save my ass last night watching this video I got device manger 6 months ago never use it till last night my girl left purse and phone with several stacks in it on the bus use this app too track down the bus every thing was still there…you have a fan for life 👍

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