Why Did Windows Phone Fail?


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  1. why? is just a simple Answer …. HTC Phones and then they used the crappiest Nokia phones they could get there hands on! they chose a crappy phone. why not LG? Motorolla? or Samsung? why HTC and the crappiest nokia phone? thats why they fail because those phone sucks.

  2. Microsoft is actually charging phone manufacturers for Android. Microsoft claims that linux kernel in Android is infringing on Microsoft patent (and Microsoft won't reveal what they are ) so other companies pay fees to Microsoft rather than risk lawsuits.

  3. 0:40 That was my phone back then, the T-Mobile Wing (or HTC Herald if you got it from other carriers). Funny thing is, when you whipped one of these out back then, some people use to give you crap like "oh look, Mr. Business needs to set up a meeting for the First National board of investors",,,,,,,,,,,,, when all you were doing is adding "2% milk" to your shopping list. Ohhhh, but now, just try and take away a kid's smartphone in class (family member is a teacher), they will physically fight you !

  4. IMO Windows phone failed due to greed and also trying to protect app developers, Not keeping compatibility with the old but mature windows mobile, even closing the orginal market place before its time to force people to switch and to prevent piracy. the new windows phone OS was locked so tight you could not even properly browse you're own files even today the original wm6.5 etc marketplace apps are still usefull tomtom GPS etc. people paid for the apps and you wanted them to move to a locked down mobile phone and pay again for under developed apps…. the masses moved to the way more OPEN mature safe Android or paid for the mature Apple brand.

  5. Microsoft was stupid enough to buy Nokia. who is in his right mind would have done it knowing that Apple and Google has already taken over. they should have came up with a new technology or an idea instead. smdh. these companies make the same cliche mistakes over and over. I think Microsoft at best will survive another 5-10 years atmost with its PC/Laptop OS on the decline since linux and apple are taking over.

  6. Poorly designed and poorly coded os +Microsoft bullshit added +another layer of shit and junk that's unchangeable…

    Microsoft are really going the wrong path… they had a great windows xp then a great windows 7 (windows 10is shit but fixable shit…)

    and from here we go to shit…..

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