Why Does an Android Flip Phone Exist?


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  1. Because it comes with pre-paid card and no need of contracts as a person who visits US on regular basis I found it to be cheap and easy to use that service provider. Though I ususally carry my Smartphone without SIM card and $5.00 little Samsung. (takes less space and has way longer battery life)

  2. My first phone was at the age of six. It was my moms old flip phone, it had a 1 inch screen and it was 1 inch thick. It only had 30 minutes on it so I was only aloud to call people.

  3. Yo Samsung still makes flip phones that run android (at least until few years ago idk if they do anymore) and sell them in Asia if you can get your hand on one of those and review it as a follow up it would be great!
    They are most likely going to provide a better user experience…

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