Why Snapchat Looks Terrible On Android Phones


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  1. i cant even take snapchat videos on this phone. It takes 30 secs on holding my finger down to start it, then it lags, distorts the audio, thinks im still pressing etc.
    wish this app would jsut get deleted

  2. Snapchat doesn't even care about Android, it's sad, bring it has like half a billion downloads on Android, they should care !ore than they do. But honestly, I'd prefer it on Android, just because it smooths out my face a little bit. For me, it doesn't seem to do it nearly as much as in this video though, it's closer to iPhone, but since snapchat doesn't have a filter that does it, (at least not on my old version last updated October 2017) that's the best I have

  3. should we care iphones cost way to much and brake way to easy iv dropped my android phone 50 times and thrown it across a room and still works fine my friend throw ther iphone across the room once and it broke

  4. well … i have an lg v30+ .. alot of people laugh at me coz the camera at the snap chat is worse .. now i know why .. but could i fix this by myself ? .. iam so mad about this because the my phone a really great and nice picture quality

  5. And that's why I have an Android device and an iPhone. Both devices have their benefits and their cons.
    For example I can't watch Amazon Prime Video on my Galaxy Note 8 but on my iPhone 8 Plus I can watch it without any problems. The same thing goes to sideloading apps from PC… On Android it is relatively easy to do this via ADB and on ios you will need an Developer Account so far as I know.

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