Why Windows Phone was awesome (CNET Top 5)


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  1. 6. Dedicated camera button. So easy to take a quick picture without unlocking your phone or to take moving fast pictures.
    7. Customization options. Without using skins or downloading anything, you could add a background, resize/reposition the tiles, make them transparent and come up with a ton of great looking screens. Yet, it is relatively easy.
    8. Pinning. You can pin people, web pages, folders, etc. and they work intelligently. Pin people and the title give you their picture, plus the number of unread messages/calls/etc. from them.
    9. Syncing. You plug in a USB-C and you can see all your files as a device and copy files to/from the device. Or sync via OneDrive.
    10. Edge syncing. Shortcuts/history are sync'd. Shortcut at home and you can view it on your phone. See a good web page on your phone… its in your history on your PC also.

  2. Still use my old Lumia as a portable video player. Downloading Xbox video shows and movies to watch while traveling without draining my work phone battery.
    Plus, windows phones seem to have a longer battery life than android.

  3. I'm still using Lumia 830 as my second phone and it's WindowsPhone software was way ahead of Apple. Today tiles are still pleasure to look at. Pity stupid and greedy Microsoft management killed good phones and very good operating system.

  4. 950 user here, runs so well, i don,t care about snap-crap and other childish apps…it has 4k recording, super amoled quadhd panel, fast browser, wireless charging, nfc iris scanner etc all the goodies…and a great back cover from Mozo,,no reason to switch

  5. Currently using a Lumia 925, but it is going downhill. I'll be replacing it with an S8. Windows phone was really nice, but nobody else developed for it. You can only hear "available for Android and IOS" so many times before you give in and switch.

  6. Best Things about Windows Phone:
    1. Reliability: Even on low end devices, everything was fast and fluid. No crashes.
    2. Privacy: No app or anything asked for all-inclusive access to every bit of personal information.
    3. Hardware: hard to beat Nokia, eh? Even though my Lumia 925 wasn't IP certified, it sustained through fair amount of soaking, rain and mud. The AMOLED display was simply awesome. After 5 years of use, that thing still gets me through the day.
    4. People hub: Microsoft made it best in WM 8.1, then killed it in WM 10. So many other popular features too. Sometimes it felt they don't care what the windows phone user base is saying, they're just following Nutella's wet dream.

    Obituary: Nutella has destroyed windows mobile and in its path, is destroying the desktop world of windows too.

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