Windows 10 April 2018 Update for Windows Phones, not really


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  1. Bro I'm unable to update my Lumia 640xl it comes with a pop up saying check your date and time. I removed auto update time and set it manually but it's not working. What shall I do? Please help.

  2. From what I understand Windows Phone Mobile will continue to receive security updates until the end of 2019 but nothing else since Microsoft has stopped development for that platform. For all intents and purposes it's dead unfortunately. I love that phone interface! it's different from the same old row of icons on either Android or iPhone. Have my android phone setup with a Windows Phone launcher. Not exactly like it but close enough. I may still get a Windows Phone now that their prices are coming down.

  3. My windows phone had the built 1605 or 1705 I can't remember which one it is, I use to have the Hp Elite x3, it felt like I had a pc built because a lot of pc apps showed up in the app store more than the mobile apps only if it was on both pc and mobile. It was confusing, I could even shop for Microsoft surface on their mobile app store. It's was just weird.

  4. I receive today the 2018-5 update. Still no bog deal. 15254.401 build number. I guess they will update to 1803 update in the near future cause (i think) they wanna support the platform with PWA who knows…

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