Windows 10 Mobile: How are the Apps now?


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  1. UPDATE: Apparently, the Minecraft: Pocket Edition that isn't getting updates anymore is actually the 8.1 version. Microsoft launched a full-featured Windows 10 Mobile version today. Apologies~

  2. I really wish Windows mobile received more third-party apps support. I had the HTC Radar back then and absolutely loved it. It is a shame that such a great OS failed because of lack of applications for it. I feel like had they given it a chance it would have received more consumer wide success. Possibly even leading it to becoming relevant today.

  3. I really wish Windows Mobile could've become a serious player. The UI, to me, is better than Android or iOS. My big question is why didn't Microsoft pay app developers to code for W.M.? They easily could've funded it until they had all the basic apps they needed then the App Store would have grown on it's own. Steve Ballmer never seemed too invested into Microsoft's mobile platform. After he left, I thought it would get better. As for Google not playing nice and letting Microsoft license their YouTube app, why couldn't they built their own YouTube competitor? Again, they have the funds and the talent…Epic fail in my opinion. This could've been great….Nice video Ho Young Won!

  4. I hate the phone app store! Some of the ones I can get on Google for free, cost $5 in the Windows Store. The Chromecast "compatible" app is terrible! Free for like the 1st 25 casts, then you have to upgrade to their "pro" version, $5. My workout gear will only sych with Google or Apple. Thank God I have and old, outdated, Android phone lying around that I can STILL use for that [as well as casting to my (non-smart) TV] because Microsoft doesn't have anything compatible.
    As soon as this phone breaks down, I'm going RIGHT BACK to Android.

  5. It is a shame Microsoft abandoned their mobile attempts. Many of the third party applications actually do more than the official ones. Even after its downfall, still today, high end phones like the Lumia 950 dual Sim r more productive than Android. Example: continuum works without any wires. U don't need the dock. Even the Xbox can b ur receiver. Or a screen beam pro. It's all up to u

  6. its not that windows phone sucks,its the people that are managing it. a bunch of complacent,self-loathing and unmotivated in terms of making a good phone platform,which they have. they kill it before it gets a chance to redeem itself. On the other hand the rest of these app developers make it even worse by not investing into the platform. it is about time we had a serious competitor to throw a wrench in the middle of the apple and google monopoly because lets be honest,they both suck. i have been using windows phone since 2013 and i still do because it doesnt suck as much as an iphone or android in terms of performance and build quality because it certainly stumps both. the people behind the whole thing think its a joke and they are really hurting themselves more than the consumer. because there will always be a shitty iphone or a galaxy phone coming out every year with a bigger price tag. its all garbage and im tired. get devs on board and lets get things done

  7. my experience on WP is like my experience on Symbian OS it's soooo BAD it's waste of money and with alternative cheep android and i phone SE around it's unfiar even to talk about WP OS, my advice is stop promoting dying OS it's just misleading low badgte consumers.

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