Windows 10 Mobile vs Windows Phone 8.1 Features Comparison


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  1. I have lumia 640 xl and indows 8.1, If I instaleted windows 10 I am intrested how much memory will take windows 10? Because I have ROM 8 gb, and Ram 1gb.

  2. sorry i liked the black in cortana better then the white and it is better fhr the oled screens. why didn'y you compare windows phone 8.1 u2? the settings menu was perfect in 8.1 u2. they even took took stuff out of the windows 10 version. with the last update the glace screen is on all the time now which charging which is real bad for oled screens which s lumia 650, 950, 950xl has. they took out the fm radio too in the update.i liekd the old mail app compared tot he new one. used to the pivot on 8.1 u2 and i keep deleting and flaging stuff in windows 10 now. the jump screen was better on 8.1 u2 then windows phone 10 too. i hate the round people thing instead of the square one. i liked twitter and facebook being in people app too. twitter actually had pictures full screen in people app then instead of showing small area on a picture in twitter app. i hate the auto album thing that windows 10 pc does. think i heard the windows mobile 10 does the sane thing. auto albums are useless.

    there is 2 lumia cameras and i have both on lumia 640. one was a old version and there is few different things in it. there is also microsoft camera which i never used because you had to set notification quick action to camera to use it. don't think there is another way to actually get to it.

  3. great presentation.I Like how you do your thing with a lot of fun. Unfortunately, am trying to downgrade my windows 10 to windows 8 because it has taken all my internal memory and my videos are not all playing

  4. Windows 10 mobile is laggy and sore to the eye most of the charm of windows phone is lost the backgrounds look terrible I've tried a lot of combinations and I could't find a transparent tile background pattern that looks good and the map app OMG that awful hamburguer menu I used to love windows phone since the begining but it feels with every new update we lose something first the background in the photo app and now the whole soul of the metro interface I guess this is my last windows phone unless they create a better and more elegant UI cause now it feels unfinished, unpolished and uncreative

  5. actually the beta app for facebook lost its beta tag but then got removed if i remember and went back to 8,… from 10.1 update 🙁

  6. okay, windows phone 8.1 was not denim 2 :/ , anyways.. I really liked the comparison, subscribed and liked too. 🙂 however I have a lumia 640 and was wondering how that would perform, of course, you don't have to do that if you currently don't own it, but what would be your just point of view (or opinion) for 640? Thanks 🙂 and looking for more win10 uploads. 🙂
    EDIT 2: okay I saw there was denim 2 😛

  7. Are there some Viber users on W10M? I heard the Viber is faster on W10M than on WP8.1 and notices are faster too. How about your experience?

  8. Great video! W10M is really becoming a Mature OS and that is great for us users, I just updated to 10586.11 from WP8.1 and this version is great, I´m on a Lumia 1020 and runs great, plus now I also have Lumia Camera and oversampling. I might be getting the Lumia 950XL when available here in Colombia which according to a Microsoft salesman is coming here in January.Keep up the good work, greetings from Colombia!

  9. Got 10 mobile insider on my 830 now gotta say it's really come along now though they need to fix here maps and here drive as it no longer is in the store currently due to some bug ?

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