Windows Phone 7 Update on HTC HD7 – PhoneRadar


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  1. got it early this year watching this…thanks….. Other thing is there any updates for window 8 on this phone..I have not seen no updates..recently.. Also I try to upload "Skype" and was told my version for windows 7's allow to be loaded. It must be an eight (windows)..

  2. what is this fucking code error 80004003 i cant download any app and also cant update apps what the fuck is Microsoft doin' how they cant resolve this. if someone have any idea plzz help

  3. That's because the hd7 isn't set up with a file explorer. If you google "usb drive hd7", you will find articles that tell you how to do it through Windows registry.

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  5. @changolord93 tried waiting? because when it got unplugged while it said installing updates on your PC it will install the update on the phone automaticly….happened to me today ^^

  6. @mcluvin28x Google WINDOWS PHONE 7 CONNECTOR and click on the first one its on the Microsoft website dwnld it and then plug ur device in after dwnldn to your computer and its pretty self explanatory after that

  7. I have a question, what is the size of the Nodo updates, in MBs? Actually I am on a slow connection (25kbps download speed). so i just wanted to know i long does it take to update to nodo? Any help would be really great.

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