Windows Phone Internals – Create a Custom ROM with Root Access


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  1. When soft-reset the phone, can i remove my battery? My power button has broken so i can't soft-reset my phone by pushing the power button and volume down button at the same time. Help me pls

  2. версия приложения вспышки на телефон слишком старый / обновить ваш телефон с помощью обновления окна или прошить новую диск для вас телефон / Попробовать еще раз

  3. hola que tal con este proceso se puede liberar el telefono mi nokia lumia 530 es digitel venezuela y lo quiero liberar se puede con este proceso por favor respondan gracias

  4. My Lumia 920 has just installed the latest firmware 3051.50009.1504.0018, how can I find the matched FFU file to install in my computer? I do not want to erase my data from the phone.

  5. uff i tryed for hours on my Nokia 530 dual sim RM-1019 VAR EURO DE CV and it is not working …error is parsing partitions failed …very bad thing is now all my settings and apps are gone and i have a new retail phone O.O shoced ….plz contact me mate

  6. Hey! I had downloaded the rom for my Lumia 525 but when I used it it said. Try an FFU that matches my phone. but that was the FFU. I don't know what to do. My phone shows cannot find bootable option, but it goes into flash mode, So I don't know what to do.
    Help Anyone!!!

  7. Hello!I use an interpreter from Russia,I wanted to ask that are relevant to the moment your way to update lumia 925 to os 10? is it possible to training when on emulator?

  8. wp internals. exe file is not opening on my windows 7 ultimate pc, whenever i click on it, it is giving me error and telling me to check solution online and if i checked then too its not showing any results, i think Microsoft had done something messy here, that proves that Microsoft is more evil then Google

  9. is it possible to use this program to install windows 10mobile on any other smartphone say android phone? where do i get the  stolk rom? EXPLONATION! i want to installwindows 10 mobile on an android phone . first i will install custom recovery on my phone, the i will format it via the custom recovery tool then i will use the windows phone intenals and  install windows  stalk rom. is that how to do it? i;m really not technical but i really need windows phone on my phone as it;s the best suting my needs and my phone is very powerfull probably more powerfull then any other windows phones existing – honor 7 i;d love to hear from u tell me if this is even possibe?

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