Windows Phone Internals introduction


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  1. Hello, I have a Lumia 925 , with 8.1 Mobile. My OS version is listed so I could unlock the boot loader and enable Root access.
    Can I upgrade to windows 10 after that? If yes will I lose the privileges? Anyone tested that?

    Do you suggest to upgrade to win10 first and then root the phone? My only doubt, I don't know which version of Win10 will I find after the upgrade.

  2. Hey Heathcliff, is it possible to activate Mass Storage Mode without rooting and or erasing my stuff off my Lumia 920? I'm locked out and wanted to root my way in.

  3. So my Nokia Lumia 820 is showing more than 3 GB of 'unrecognized files' on its internal phone memory (which are clogging up the whole memory). If I Root my phone will I be able to have a more detailed look into the phone's memory? (And hopefully get rid of whatever those 3GB are) If not I should probably save myself the trouble since it wouldn't actually solve my problems…. Thanks for the program and for reading in any case!

  4. What does the author mean by the following;
    Fast Forward and now it is Android that serves that role with Windows Phone taking a place closer to the iPhone as opposed to an 'open sourced' OS ?

    This is probably a naive question; this wouldn't happen to open the door to free calls, if not now, in the future ?

    When will the 1520 be supported ?

    One can compress all apps, settings etc into a compressed zip file and back it up directly to a PC ?

  5. Haha.. It's a Windows 8 build… So I guess this was probably leaked to get people to upgrade to 10 Mobile when it comes out? (which means this won't work anymore) Nice job if you really did it without any help! 🙂 Again though, too bad it won't work on 10 I'm betting.. But that's good too to combat viruses/etc..

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