Wonder Woman (2017)


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  1. Just goes to show that fifteen bucks ain't worth a quarter these days. Keep the movie, I'll keep my quarter, and save it for when they start making good movies again.

  2. When I first saw the Wonder Woman trailer I said: “oh just another DC movie nothing special.” Boy was I wrong. This film was amazing I hope that WW84 is just as good as it’s predecessor.

  3. Ok so I finally see this amazing mivie that no one shuts up about and its almost painful to sit through. Crappy CGI, 2 dimensional characters, gratuitous crotch shots and an obvious plot. Where the hell is the movie everyone raves about. This is a B movie at best. So disappointing.

  4. did see wonder woman in theaters at i think it was a b&b with my parents

    remember chris pine being in this and seeing him in star trek from abrams and hearing opinions about his rendition

    did see a trailer that chris pine was in a movie with oprah winfrey

    did hear a rumor from word of mouth that gal gadot's contract on her dc movies career worked in such a way to her benefit

    may have been a personal fetish or obsession but had a curiosity about the nazi's and occult references to the plot

  5. Took my 5 year old daughter to see this in 3-D..saw it with her 3 more times in the theater, and she was wonder woman for Halloween. This is an amazing movie and I hope Patty Jenkins keeps on with her bad self

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