World’s Smallest Android Phone!


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  1. I'm ashamed of all of y'all! NO ONE ELSE decoded that acronym as Piece Of SHit? With THOSE specs? SO PaTHEtic! Schooled by a GRAMMA.

    My 1st smartphone was a Motorola Atrix 4G that was bigger and had better specs. I'd still be using it, if Google had just updated its OS…….

  2. I want a very basic phone with 3G connectivity (and WiFi, dual sim, FM, torch if possible). Touchscreen, camera, sensors etc. useless stuff is not required. Can u suggest any? A phone like Samsung Guru/Metro or Nokia 230/216 (All these are 3G-less).

    Btw u don't seem to be very comfortable reviewing this product, why is that so? A pro reviewer should be unbiased and should point out the usable features too.

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