Xbox Music + Video apps for Windows Phone 8


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  1. Can someone please help? I just upgraded to a Nokia Lumia 1520 from a Motorola Atrix HD. On my Atrix I had an "Xbox Music" App. On my lumia I only have a "Xbox+Video" App. I have four playlists and can access them fine on my laptop, wifes iPhone and fathers iPad. However, when I access teh "Xbox+Music" App on my Lumia most of my songs are missing. In this video I see that the guy has a "Xbox Music" App. Can someone please tell me how to download that app or fix the one I currently have? It also doesn't have the + button for me to add songs. Please help before I return this phone.

  2. I'm really trying to get more into DLC stuff instead of hard copies but I really just don't see any advantages at the moment. I don't gain a hard copy to store in my rack but I pay just as much or more (renting is stupidly expensive)

    The only advantage is playing on multiple devices but I can do that on a mobile device so it's not really an advantage as opposed to just being easier

  3. I don't use Xbox videos but I installed the Xbox music to give it a try, works fine, runs smoothly and even synched with my laptop app just fine but it kept on crashing when I was updating my playlist. I hope thgery will add live tiles like Nokia ( love that app), moreover I hope to see fear updates and more features.

  4. since it's an app, it takes more time to load lists like artist, songs, etc. Also no ability to listen to local FM radios…… bummer. I know this is just version 1.0 but I hope they fix it when they announce wp8.1

  5. No hub (with all my media apps), slow performance, bad animations, the text use is inconsistent with the rest of the OS, and an Xbox Music subscription is mandatory, even to listen to your own songs. No podcasts either.

    And it still uses the clashing Xbox green, which is more of a personal opinion but it really doesn't work with anything but emerald.

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