Xiaomi Mi A1 (Android One | Dual Camera) – Unboxing & Benchmarks!


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  1. I have been a Xiaomi user since the Redmi 1 and a MIUI user since it was available on the Dell XCD 35 many years ago, and I must admit for me nothing beats MIUI, not even Android One and Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P felt slower and just not right compared to my Note 3, even though they were behemoths hardware wise on comparison.

  2. one model after another are almost identical and nothing to fancy about. xiaomi should focus their resources and energy designing new form-factor or more bezeless model.

  3. We are stuck between choosing Mi A1 and Mi 5x. So please try to make a speed test video between them and let us choose who is the real beast. Let us find out a ROM BATTLE between Android 7.1.2 vs MIUI 9. Hope you will do a video on this topic.

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