Xiaomi Mi Band – Windows Phone Set up & Instructions


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  1. I recommend to use the Bind Miband application. This app store sleep ant steps. You can save thisbdatavin One drive cloud. I thing that Bind Mi Band is the best application fot Mi band on Windows Phone phones.

  2. After just 24 hrs of using this software, was forced to uninstall it as a man started calling my wife's cell using an international number or using net telephony the digits were +40XY and was talking in hindi and called at 10 pm and asking the cost of this Mi Band….which decent, sane person will call a lady at 10 pm for buying a band and kept making 8 repeated calls….also windows lumia cell slowed down and hung….this was such a great APP …wishing you all the very best for future launches

  3. I'm tried to install many times but, my miband still not connect with this app. I use htc 8x with winphone 8.1. My device had connected( paired) with miband but when i press "connect to your miband" in mi band companion software. Not thing appear. pls help me this case.

  4. Ainda bem que ela é compatível com o WP, tava preocupado pq comprei uma e não sabia se iria funcionar, mas pelo que vi no vídeo tá tendo a mesma interação que teria com outros sistemas e smartphones 😀

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