Xolo Era 2 Unboxing & First Impression Budget 4G VOLTE Smartphone | Data Dock


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  1. My queries regarding this phone
    I dont need a gaming phone or for camera just the basics and quality in an affordable price

    1 are apps transferable to sd card.
    2 Can we use both sims simultaneosuly i.e jio and airtel
    3 will it start to lag & hang after couple of weeks or months like other Indian brands do
    4 how is the call quality
    5 will it last longer like for 1 whole year and so
    6 is this phone available at any bricks and mortar store or available only at ecommerce, if its available at a store shud i get it from there or online
    7 how is the battery back up.

    or shud i get the XOLO ERA 2X and is it available at any store

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